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House near Mielec by MEEKO Architects: Between modernism and archetype - new model of polish house

Project name:
House near Mielec
Architecture firm:
MEEKO Architects
Mielec, Poland
ONI Studio / Maciej Jeżyk
Principal architect:
Tomasz Janiec, Kamila Fijalkowska-Janiec
Design team:
Interior design:
MEEKO Architects
Built area:
262 m²
Site area:
1,114 m²
Design year:
2016 - 2017
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Pracowania Gleba, Grzegorz Bojda
Tools used:
RUUKKI, Baumit, VEKA, Wienerberger
Residential › House

The architecture of the single-family house near Mielec design by the MEEKO Architects is a sophisticated combination of mixing tradition and modernity in the form of a house. This is an expression between archetypal form of a barn with a gable roof placed on a modernist and minimalist cube-shaped solid in the ground floor. The two parts of the house differ not only in terms of color, shape and function, but also in terms of finishing materials. The durable, stylish and timeless anthracite Ruukki Classic standing seam sheet in the upper part fits perfectly with the geometry of the house.

The simple gable roof and the façade covered with sheet metal gives a uniform and harmonious impression to the house. The unique color stands out from the white ground floor of the building and is in perfect harmony with the windows and the cedar boards that serve as a warming element. A characteristic place of the house is a large, roofed terrace in the ground floor. The terrace is located in a corner niche, which is characterized by an ideal south-western exposure.

On warm summer evenings, the sun falls into the niche in the late evening hours, gently illuminating the walls covered with warm cedar wood. The covered terrace is an extension of both the kitchen and the dining room in the living area. In addition, it can successfully function regardless of weather conditions. The interior of the house includes various advanced technical features and a room layout designed according to the preferences of the homeowners.

The ground floor includes a kitchen, a separate dining room, a hidden pantry, a study, a bathroom and a spacious living room with a fireplace. A covered terrace placed in the corner is an extension of the dining and living room. The upper floor is the owners’ private space with children’s’ bedrooms, a master bedroom including a separate dressing room, as well as two bathrooms and a laundry room. On the flat roof, there are two separate terraces to increase the comfort of use.

This realization is an example of the implementation of intelligent systems tailored to the needs and lifestyle of its inhabitants. The solutions used in it anticipate and automatically react to changes in the parameters of the external environment. Modern technology helps residents control energy consumption, and the house is highly energy efficient despite its volume. As the final touch, a carefully planned garden with an unusual children's house completes the design.

The natural placement of the perennials and trees of complement the design of the house, making the end-result truly one-of-a-kind. The design assumption was to create a timeless architecture that, despite the changing trends, will always be up-to-date and visually attractive. The intention behind the idea of the architects from the MEEKO was to create a modern and elegant residential building that not only pretends to be a hybrid of a barn and a modernist solid, but above all is tailored to the needs of the Investor.

By Liliana Alvarez

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