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Kensington house renovation by Stamos Yeoh Architects

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Stamos Yeoh Architects
14 Kensington Square, London, United Kingdom
Marek Sikora
Principal architect:
Design team:
Interior design:
Irena Sedashev Prestige Co
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Residential › House

The Hackney-based Architecture Practice Stamos Yeoh Architects has converted a commercial office into a single-family home.

Architect’s Statement: A grade II listed building within the Kensington Square Conservation Area, this commercial office was converted into a single family home. A new basement extension was created to house a sauna, wine store and gym, all accessed via a unique all-glass cantilevered staircase. The house itself is a tasteful blend between period features & new interventions. 

Basement extension measures 81 m². The garden basement excavation incorporates a projecting garden window for natural daylight ingress within the plant room. The roof lights on the rear façade slope will be removed and the roof will be reinstated with traditional and matching sized slates. 
all glass cantilevered staircase image © Marek Sikora 
glass cantilevered staircase image © Marek Sikora 
circular bathtub at a classic British homeimage © Marek Sikora 
bathroom washing basin image © Marek Sikora
toilet with marble stone walls and washing basin image © Marek Sikora
modern kitchen design with island in the center image © Marek Sikora
dining table with double volume roof above it image © Marek Sikora
office room with fireplace and luxury classic furniture image © Marek Sikora
skylight in the ceiling image © Marek Sikora
narrow skylight in the roof image © Marek Sikora
cozy living room with fireplace and classic furniture image © Marek Sikora
luxury chandelier hanged over the sofa in living room image © Marek Sikora
gray door in front of stairs image © Marek Sikora
empty dark roomimage © Marek Sikora
wine storage at home image © Marek Sikora
wine bottles at home wine storage image © Marek Sikora
sculptural pendant lamp hanged over dining table image © Marek Sikora
luxury kitchen design image © Marek Sikora
kitchen island with sink image © Marek Sikora
white kitchen image © Marek Sikora
bathroom walls made of ceramic image © Marek Sikora
British garden style image © Marek Sikora 
Project name: Kensington 
Architecture firm: Stamos Yeoh Architects
Location: 14 Kensington Square, London, United Kingdom 
Completion year: 2017 
Interior design: Irena Sedashev Prestige Co
Photography: Marek Sikora

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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Margo Arnesen -
What, you don't like negative reviews??? This is HORRID.
Margo Arnesen -
Horrid. Some things should be left alone or at the very least designed around it's original beauty not gutted to look like some spaceship. That bathtub, ugh. Those horrid green chairs in the dining (?) or conference (?) room! Those glass/plexiglass stairs, OMG. Historic beauty is being killed bit by bit. Atrocious.

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