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Pollença House in Spain by Miquel Lacomba Architects

Project name:
Pollença House
Architecture firm:
Miquel Lacomba Architects
La Font 115, Pollença, Mallorca, Spain
Mauricio Fuertes
Principal architect:
Miquel Lacomba
Design team:
Miquel Lacomba
Interior design:
Miquel Lacomba
Built area:
371 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Xavier Suarez
Structural engineer:
Matias Nicolau
Miquel Lacomba & Xavier Suarez
Miquel Lacomba
Tools used:
AutoCAD, SketchUp
Construcciones nieto
Residential, Private House

Designed by Mallorca-based architecture studio Miquel Lacomba Architects, Pollença House located in La Font 115, Pollença, Mallorca, Spain.

In a unique location, overlooking the valley that frames the bay of Sant Vicenç, the project must solve the difficulty of the existing topography. The problems posed by the land are solved by stone walls containing land which provide a platform for the housing. The idea of journey as architectural experience, almost cinematographic, generates a sequence of spaces, finding a range of area that link the interior with the exterior in an intense way, involving the rocky surroundings and panoramic views. The living area and kitchen and dining room are connected by a porch and sliding door that create a flexible space between these areas.

luxury house with swimming poolimage © Mauricio Fuertes

The first-floor area houses the bedrooms looking onto views and minimizing its relationship to the public space with a smaller opening. Cross ventilation, passive solar energy collection, and a roof cover designed with a floating floor (that prevents overheating in summer), are solutions that have been taken into account for a proper bioclimatic operation.

outdoor furniture next to pool

image © Mauricio Fuertes

pool furniture image © Mauricio Fuertes

house with stone walls constructed on a hill image © Mauricio Fuertes

hillside house made with natural stone walls

image © Mauricio Fuertes

natural sunlight enters the living space through window image © Mauricio Fuertes

living room with panoramic view of surrounding landscape image © Mauricio Fuertes

dining table

image © Mauricio Fuertes

pendant lamp hanged over black dining table

image © Mauricio Fuertes

black kitchen image © Mauricio Fuertes

black kitchen island

image © Mauricio Fuertes

white dining table

image © Mauricio Fuertes

pool furniture at terrace

image © Mauricio Fuertes

infinity pool with Mountain View

image © Mauricio Fuertes

terrace pool image © Mauricio Fuertes

bedroom with sea view image © Mauricio Fuertes

terrace image © Mauricio Fuertes

bathroom washing basin

image © Mauricio Fuertes


image © Mauricio Fuertes

Architectural drawing plans Plans

Sections and Elevations drawing Sections & Elevations 

architectural 3d model Model 

architectural 3d rendering model Model 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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