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The FOLD, Vadodara, India by UNEVEN

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Vadodara, India
Darshan Dave
Principal architect:
Shourya Patel & Dexter Fernandes
Design team:
Interior design:
Built area:
6000 ft²
Site area:
16000 ft²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Aashutosh Desai
Environmental & MEP:
LedLum, Oorja, Hybec, customized by Uneven
Tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max, AutoCAD
Brick, RCC, double-glazed glass, vitrified tiles, MDF, plywood, teakwood, wooden flooring
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UNEVEN: The site is a huge plot of about 16,500 sqm. and the house itself is juxtaposed against an orchard. Focused on the concept of minimalism, clean spaces and simple yet very unique, this abode is all about neat lines, playful volumes and bold characteristics. All this is achieved by soothing textures and an uncomplicated structural design. The design process was rather gradual, which was developed by understanding the clients as people – their likes, dislikes, taste in colours, textures as well as the overall look and feel of the house.

Straight lines, subtle colour palette and spaces created within the cascade of vertical and horizontal members – are all that makeup the built mass of the residence. The clients being receptive to our ideas and experiments, the outcome was a stunning piece of architecture keeping in mind the clients’ brief and requirements. The concept of the Fold is implemented here, wherein it appears that a single structural element is seen being folded making up the built mass. The entire composition observes RCC folds and glass facades.

The walls and openings are articulated within that frame, which makes sure of optimum openings and ventilation via glass. The south façade is entirely done using DGU (double glazed unit) for cutting off the harsh sun and outdoor noise. The planning makes sure of allowing views of the large garden space through huge openings and glass facades. Straight lines are observed here as a guiding factor to the planning and making connections to the outside. Vastu is taken into consideration along with scientific facts to meet the solutions of sunlight and air circulation.

The three-storey bungalow is divided with public spaces being on the ground floor – foyer, formal living, family room cum entertainment area, puja, guest bedroom, kitchen and dining, and utility. A double-height foyer with a customised ceiling installation – a cluster of inverted lotuses acting as an enormous chandelier, makes a grand entry. Adjoining this is the double-height formal living space on the side and a decided mandir area with intricate details, on the other. The dining, kitchen and entertainment face the open lawns.

The pool is located in a private pocket from the public spaces, yet fits in just right with a virtuous placement with openness. The first-floor houses parent’s bedroom, sister’s bedroom, common living area, library space and a laundry cum linen room. A complete design language is seen to be followed through the use of colours, whereas individual spaces are made unique as per the user’s need and interest. Interesting bathroom details are incorporated here for a very contemporary living. The top floor is a completely private space for the couple and their son; housing the master bedroom, son’s bedroom, family area and office space.

The master bedroom and walk-in closet cum dress area are designed to cater to all the contemporary living requirements. A very chic interior design is seen here in warm colours and a planning that allows ample storage space. The son being a sports enthusiast, a graphical representation is seen in his room. A private terrace is planned on this floor with a wall articulated using vintage windows, doors and other redundant furniture pieces – this perhaps acts as an inviting backdrop wall! The Fold is an utmost contemporary house meeting the modern needs of the residents and fulfilling the architectural and interior design aesthetics.

By Liliana Alvarez

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