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Nirvana Rock Café, Karimabad, Iran by Arjmandi Office

Project name:
Nirvana Rock Cafe
Architecture firm:
Arjmandi Office
Karimabad, Tonekabon, Mazandaran, Iran
Deed Studio
Principal architect:
Navid Arjmandi
Design team:
(Principal architect) Navid Arjmandi, (Interior design & Design Consultant) Motahareh Taheri, (Detailer & Design Consultant) Niloufar Hosseuin Pur
(Persent & Graphics) Armin Rezvani
Built area:
228 m²
Site area:
171 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Navid Arjmandi & Motahareh Taheri
Structural engineer:
Ali Sevvedi, Dr. Rasoul Mashhadi HaraQ
Environmental & MEP:
(InstallaQons & Mechanics) Dr. Navid Tonekaboni & Saleh Moghadam
Navid Arimandi
Saleh Moghadam
Navid Arjmandi, Motahareh Taheri
Tools used:
SketchUp, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop
Concrete, metal, adhesive and ceramic, cement, wood, MDF, sound and heat insulaQon, floor waterproofing, glass, acrylic paint
120/000 $
Maziyar Mahmoudi, Sharivar Mahmoudi
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Arjmandi Office: Nirvana Rock Cafe project, as its name suggests, is a coffee shop focused on rock music.The goals of this project, in addition to having a warm and calm atmosphere of a cafe, are to considerthings such as privacy of the interior space, special attention to conveying the feeling of rock music, and also providing a space for the performance of the music groups with different styles. In the facade part of the project, by creating a non-opening screen for the upper part of the façade, an attempt was made to preserve the privacy of the interior space and also create a corridor for the entrance, which creates an inviting feeling for the entrance part. In  the interior part, the design was done in such a way that there is a proper connection between the service spaces and the sitting areas to facilitate the traffic of customers and attendants a s much a s possible.

Moreover, the design of an integrated and appropriate ventilation system for air circulation and smoke suction caused by smoking throughout the interior space was taken into account. Finally, the special design and placement of the stage in the center of the plan in order for the audience to reach the services and have a commanding view are some of the prominent features of this project.

By Liliana Alvarez

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