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Sage - Café and Bistro, Chandigarh, India by Loop Design Studio

Project name:
Sage - Café and Bistro
Architecture firm:
Loop Design Studio
Chandigarh, India
Purnesh Dev Nikhanjh
Principal architect:
Nikhil Pratap Singh, Suvrita Bhardwaj
Design team:
Himani Bansal, Akshita Saklani, Rythm Bansal
• Furniture: Parman Designs, Spazio by Furniture Concepts • Ceramics: Aditi Mittal
Built area:
600 ft²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Oorja Lighting
Tools used:
Karve Infra Pvt. Ltd.
granite, granite textures, terrazzo tables, banana paper
Sudarshan Patel, Piyush Jain
Hospitality › Cafe

Loop Design Studio: Situated in a bustling commercial area of Chandigarh, Sage café stands as a beacon of architectural and design detail. Its interior is characterized by the use of contemporary grid patterned green tiles on the floor and walls, which sets a modern chic yet a timeless and warm tone for the space. This unique volume is enhanced by verdant vines that cascade gracefully from the ceiling, blending nature with built form in a seamless harmony.

The interior of Sage epitomizes minimalist sophistication combined with modern elegance. The pervasive use of granite textures provides a refined and understated backdrop that is both chic and inviting. Terrazzo tables, meticulously placed throughout the dining area, reinforce the contemporary aesthetic while ensuring functionality and comfort. These tables are complemented by abstract clay art pieces enclosed within seamless granite extrusions arising from the walls. They introduce a touch of creativity and whimsy, enriching the visual narrative of the space.

A standout feature of Sage’s design is its innovative lighting. Banana paper lights are strategically positioned to emit a soft, ambient glow, creating a serene and dreamlike atmosphere. This lighting choice not only enhances the dining experience but also casts intricate shadows that add depth and dimension to the interior space. The overall ambiance of Sage is one of tranquillity and refined taste. The interplay of subtle lighting and thoughtfully selected materials creates an environment conducive to both intimate conversations and leisurely dining.

Every design element within Sage has been carefully curated to provide a harmonious and memorable dining experience. The synergy between the aesthetic decor and the culinary offerings ensures that each visit to Sage is an occasion to savour. The inviting, slightly ajar entrance beckons guests into a world where architectural beauty and gastronomic delight converge. In Sage, memories are woven into the very fabric of the space, where each detail contributes to a cohesive and captivating narrative. The restaurant stands as a testament to the art of thoughtful design, offering a sanctuary where patrons can indulge in the pleasures of both sight and taste.

By Liliana Alvarez

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