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SUNAC·MOGAN VALLEY: A Hotel with Infinite Views in Hangzhou, China by ZOOM DESIGN

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Hangzhou, China
Principal architect:
Design team:
Xianting Pan, Chen Jun, Yuling Liang, Yahui Zhou, Beiqi Liu,Pingping Xiong
Built area:
Interior Space Area 260 m²
Site area:
2,664,000 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Interior design:
Hospitality › Hotel

Made for Poetic Life. Having occupied in estate design related to culture and tourism for many years, with expert experience on plan, design and materialization of multiple cultural and tourism county which covers hundreds of thousands of sq meters, ZOOM DESIGN takes on the soft design of this project, covering showroom, coffee, rooms of 50, 70 and 120 sq meters size and single cabin. In the design of this project, as a observer and recorder in cultural and tourism industry, ZOOM DESIGN explores the different space experience from the perspective of forward-looking with keen insight and expert knowledge.

Combining the features of single room into the common qualities of whole space, the designer connects the inherent spirits of product, life landscape and operation service, creating a poetic lifestyle with nature. The designer demonstrates the original feature of the space by linking it with nature through stairs. In the design of living hall of this project, the designer forms the space frame and cube structure while responding to modern elements with simple styles, making this project distinctive and classic. Nature is born to be the star of this space. The shadow of bamboo and mountain lying on the wall and clear glass with sunset and breeze, presenting bountiful and plentiful interests.

As the first project of rural culture and tourism industry of SUNAC, Mogan Valley covers with some 680 acres unoccupied land in Wukangzhen Development Zone, Guozhao County, Deqing, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. Nurturing the contemporary lifestyle with poetic and quaint Gangnan culture, this project meets the citizens’ needs of international modern life landscape.

Being harmonious with nature, the design is guided by original condition with spatial aesthetic. The idea of living in harmony with life that ZOOM DESIGN bears is based on the harmony between people and others, nature, space and life, a kind of pure power without the limit of form or idea. Therefore, the designer is committed to build this coffee shop as a poetic space and homey residence.

This project includes water bar, dining area, negotiation area, deck and other areas, providing infinite possibilities for residents’ daily life. The harmonious nature, rich humanities and colorful life constitute the media of the designer in creating the space and landscape. From the perspective of the designer, structure and porcelain bear essence beyond themselves. The seemly free proportion and irregular order of the space realize the space change from exterior to interior. The abstract mural exists the same in four seasons , then art integrates with nature, presenting an ideal scene.

From the perspective of ZOOM DESIGN, naturalism is born to be media between design and spirit. The original and natural landscape plus artificial and delicate elements balance the life and qualify.

In the size of natural room of 120 sq meters, the dwellers uphold the elegant naturalism and pursue high-quality life. They invite friends to enjoy the happy weekend, listening to vinyl music, smoking cigar, drinking whisky. In designing this room, the designer appreciates the fine figure and unique color of the mountains in autumn, choosing warm gray as the main tone, interspersed with mature orange, casting warm, delicate and qualified ambience in this space.

Autumn symbolizes the joy of harvest, flowers and trees all over the hills are the gift from the nature. Endeavoring to build this space as a second space for live, we hope to form a new option for tourist destination through the spatial design and the change of outside landscape, letting the poetic space happen in this project.

Multiple utensils, ornaments fulfilled the life and spirit world of dwellers--Leather indicates the delicate life, implying artistic painting as sound taste. Maple leaf, deep dark and brown coffee color delivers modern essence. Flowers form nature constitute the trace of life. The flow of shadow dazing in the space, outlines the shape of furniture and ornaments, restructuring the dynamism of luxurious and elegant life and improve suitable experience.

One main feature of residence lies in viewing landscape without leaving room. Each window constitutes the media for catching the ultimate landscape, making interior in harmonious with exterior art: wooden tables, leather chairs, bronze lamps, rough vase, fruits and deadwood in the mountains. Dwellers can appreciate the landscape from various angle, harmonious and elegant.

Long adhering to the idea of living in harmony with life ,ZOOM DESIGN is committed to build a poetic space with natural landscape in this project through detailed corner and colorful scene. Having studied in the field of spatial design, life landscape and community interaction, ZOOM DESIGN endeavors to meet the clients’ ideal positioning and long-term plan for space--people can turn tourists into daily life, enjoying the comfortable modern life, echoing with the nature through the driven of self-motivation and landscape.

About Zoom Design

Founded in 2010 in Shanghai, Zoom Design provides professional spatial design, soft decoration, furniture design and decorations purchase service for elite hotels and real estate groups, serving fields including the design and materialization of boutique hotel, sales center, villa and show flat.

Adhering to the concept of “Harmony with Life”, Zoom Design has been committed to the innovation spirit over past ten years, exploring with expert service in urban real estate and cultural and tourist field. With professional design and team, Zoom Design provides excellent and excerpt service through positioning, plan and materialization. Zoom Design endeavors to build harmonious relationship between nature, humanity and life, creating unique spatial experience with modern design to demonstrate the beauty of life.

By Liliana Alvarez

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