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Wan Wea Restaurant in Chengdu Fortune Center by IN.X Design

Project name:
Wan Wea Restaurant in Chengdu Fortune Center
Architecture firm:
IN.X Design
Chengdu, China
Zheng Yan
Principal architect:
Wu Wei
Design team:
Liu Chenyang, Jia Qifeng, Zhou Yong
Interior design:
IN.X Design
Interior furnishing: Jin Shengxu, Ying Zheguang, Song Jiangli. Project planning: LE Brand Strategy Agency. Text: NARJEELING
Built area:
1427 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
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IN.X Design: Wan Wea Restaurant in Chengdu Fortune Center- Strategic Catering Series. "The bold and progressive dining environment will undoubtedly quickly attract the trend-setting consumers in the city. More importantly, the strong visual output directly echoes Wan Wea's exquisite, independent, and diversified brand genes."

After the first Wan Wea Restaurant opened in Chengdu, another one has been launched in Fortune Center.

As a city with geographical, cultural, and era advantages, Chengdu is undergoing countless changes and innovations every moment, which is also constantly influencing the life that people don't want to leave.

As for designer Wu Wei, he needs to find a stronger foothold in the wide range of possibilities in the new space, which can not only describe the texture of Wan Wea and Chengdu but also provide an additional choice for the city's catering market.

01. Urban Life Broad Mind

Which metropolis with a population of 10 million can see snow-capped mountains over 7,000 meters away from 240 kilometers? It is Chengdu. What wakes up Chengdu people every morning may be the golden snow mountains outside the window. “Sitting in front of the window, I can see the snow that has not melted for thousands of years”, the verse of Du Fu is just the current Chengdu. The grand sense of snow mountain in a distant view is very familiar to people there.

The compatibility between the city and nature is the most luxurious gift. When the designer miniaturizes this gift into a restaurant, Wan Wea Restaurant in Chengdu Fortune Center is outlined immediately, where the winding and vast mountain and river landscape is embedded in the stylish urban dining tables. The sound of people passing by is moving, and the aroma of dishes stirs the mood; the two completely different scenes are overlapped here, combining fineness and earthiness.

02. Design power

Transforming scenery into reflection

When the vast and soul-stirring scenery is set in the space, then all the lives that happen here will have a decidedly moving background, as is the case with the new Wan Wea Restaurant.

Through parametric design, the staggered and stacked wooden structures consistently wrap the entire ceiling and structural columns, so that the smooth curves form a landscape of mountains and rivers with infinite tension hanging overhead. In the limited space, the three meals of the four seasons are served on the plate as a trifle thing, but the vast environment overhead contains the broad mind of the restaurant.

In the open and flowing routes, the seating area is endowed with a natural and casual urban rhythm. The black and white geometric pattern of the floor forms a sharp contrast to the ceiling, in which the scenes described by contemporary design language grow in the grand and rough texture.

The design items that emphasize lines and geometric forms make the spatial texture a part of the rational and calm contemporary composition from the beginning of the waiting area, forming a cool post-modern scene together with the freehand curvilinear structure. A long, narrow, and transparent window is open on the wooden structure of the open kitchen, displaying the dining screen repeatedly.

The bar is connected to the cellar at the top of the space routes, where the rich modern lighting shrouds the dining space in a blurred and modern romantic atmosphere; the eye-catching but quiet red is just right to embellish the space, and the touch of oriental traditional rhyme makes the space clear, light and graceful.

The most agile part is that the designer took advantage of the structure characteristics to set aside several irregular ceilings, which were covered with mirrors to reflect the space scene, echoing the glass facade, and the surging water feature immediately appeared in the space. The city and nature are reflected and embedded in each other as if being in an illusion for a moment; when holding the breath one will realize that it is just human hustle and bustle.

03. Strategy First, Design Follows

For more than a thousand years, the site of Chengdu has not been moved, and its name has not changed. As the land of abundance, its cultural heritage has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people along with the fragrant tea and the spicy hot pot. Countless places and spaces are constantly trying to describe the city totem. Rather than sculpting the subtle part, Wu Wei prefers to leave the effort to the great charm. Since food is the first necessity, the design simply creates a world that contains the human hustle and bustles, as well as the taste of food. In this grand environment, every magic and trend will come alive.

For Wan Wea Restaurant in Fortune Center, the space strategy is both ingenious and difficult. Coincidentally, the collage of cooking and dinging atmosphere and mountain and river scenes is full of strength, accurately hitting the hearts of diners. The challenge lies in defining the entire space figuratively, abstractly, and exactly, so that the futuristic sense and the current daily life, the city and nature coexist in harmony, contrasting and relying on each other, so as to present the grand view of Wan Wea here and now.

Wu Wei


As the founder and creative director of IN • X based in Beijing, the interior architect Wu Wei is a master in Chinese catering space design. He is the designated designer for some popular restaurant in China, such as Siji Minfu Roast Duck Restaurant, Hu Da Restaurant, etc. With the design philosophy of “Strategy First, Design Follows”, he has maintained close strategic partnerships with many leading Chinese catering brands. With deep attainments in esthetics and global perspective in business, he provides accurate business and design strategy for brand, thus, creating sustainable vitality for brand development. Wu Wei has witnessed and nourished the development of Chinese new generation catering brands.

Beijing IN•X Design Co., Ltd.,

Beijing IN•X Design Co., Ltd., founded in 2005 by interior architect Wu Wei (Wu Qihua), is a forward-looking strategic space design consultancy with a global vision and local experience. Provides all-round consulting and design services centered on dining space design. Since its establishment, it has served many famous domestic and international catering and home brands such as Swarovski, Qumei Home, Four Seasons Folk Boiled Duck Shop.

This is a diverse and diverse team of architects, interior designers, product designers and professional brand consultants. The company provides brand strategy and design services, combined with a large database and catering experts resources to develop precise market positioning for the brand. The team is forward-looking, innovative and executive, providing interior design, soft-pack design, product design and other case design services, providing brand-innovative and economical solutions for different projects according to local conditions. The essence of culture is combed and refined, and it is integrated into the space in the form of modern freehand.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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