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Office in Limassol, Cyprus by ZIKZAK Architects

Project name:
Office in Limassol
Architecture firm:
ZIKZAK Architects
Limassol, Cyprus
Tools used:
Principal architect:
Anastasia Apostu
Design team:
A. Apostu, I. Yashyn, G. Tynkaliyk, O.Kyianko, M. Ternova, V. Melnykov, H. Zaremba, O. Konoval
Built area:
4408 m²
Site area:
4408 m m²
Design year:
Completion year:
I. Yashyn
International IT company
Concept - Design
Commercial › Office Building

New office space in Limassol for an international IT company, designed by ZIKZAK Architects. An interior inspired by the nature of Cyprus.

ZIKZAK Architects has completed work on a project for an IT company in sunny Cyprus. Since the customer has offices around the world, the concept of the Cypriot interior was a reference to the picturesque nature of the island. The design is dominated by genuine materials, natural colors, light surfaces and rough textures.

"The project is very interesting! The work on it was painstaking and long, but full of inexhaustible enthusiasm and imagination. We were inspired by Expo 2022, the green pavilion of Singapore, developing the concept of phytodesign," said Anastasia Apostu, project manager. The accent feature of the interior is the internal atrium with landscaping. It is a glass cylinder with a lush oasis inside.

The first floor is the guest area of the office. There is a reception and comfortable chairs for waiting and communication. Soundproofed meeting rooms are equipped on the same floor.  The visual core of the space is a shiny reception desk and a lot of lush plants in stylish stone pots.

On the second floor there are work areas. These are open spaces with universal modular furniture, meeting rooms and recreation areas. The restrained working classics of the workstations are diluted with an abundance of greenery and furniture like art objects, such as a lamp resembling an imposing Greek god.

The third floor is designed for top management. It has a spacious hall, offices, meeting rooms and a conference room. The general character of the executive floor is sophisticated and has a secular gloss. This mood is felt due to the combination of shiny black surfaces, marble, leather with minimal splashes of bronze and gold. Here in the interior the reference to the picturesque landscapes and natural textures of Cyprus is most clearly traced and they are perfectly combined with the overall elegant style. Natural stone, similar to a rock, decorates the hall and mentally transports to the sea coast and is a source of desired coolness.

Logistics and zoning in a multi-storey office are thought out so that each employee feels in his place and at the same time can refocus and work where it is convenient for him. Some zones can change their purpose: the hall on the ground floor can be transformed into a coworking space, for example. A cozy event hall can serve as a space for corporate events, internal meetings or any high-profile events.

The relief wavy texture of the walls, reminiscent of the sea coast, raw stones, wood, lush landscaping and natural shades make the office in Limassol such a workspace where you can work productively and at the same time feel connected with nature and inspired by the picturesque landscapes of the island without even leaving the room.

ZIKZAK Architects

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By Liliana Alvarez

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