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The Pioneer Sports Community in Shenzhen, China by Karv One Design

Project name:
The Pioneer
Interior design:
Karv One Design
Shenzhen, China
Chen Ming, Neon Wang
Principal designer:
Kyle Chan
Design team:
acky Wan, Ally So, Derrick Liang, Bruce Li, Lou Lu, Sherman Lai, Lily Li, Pan Kai, Reeta Wu
Built area:
4000 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Furniture Designer: Hannah Shen, Jessi Ding, Chiron Xiao. Graphic Designer: Sushila Law, Katie Ng. Theme Analyst: Sophie Shu, Larrissa Yan, Neon Wang, Amber Peng
Architecture firm:
Wood Flooring, White Marble, Mirror Stainless Steel, Dark gray Aluminum Gusset, Copper-colored Stainless Steel, White Latex Paint, Gray Texture Paint, Dark Solid Wood, Blue Light Carpet
Tools used:
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

As an inseparable part of modern urban life, sports are undoubtedly an important expression of people's pursuit of high-quality lifestyles. Sports culture has therefore become a new exploration for brands and designs to break traditional boundaries and update the space experience.

Focusing on the space concept of “Park is Community”, Karv One Design and Shenzhen Vanke started from the exterior facade design inspired by baseball elements, and carried out a full-plan design. To integrate sports social activities, installation art and café into the 4000 m² of park life, the space delivers the beauty of life in the name of sports.

The entire Park Hill Living Hall is open to residents around the International community and also the foreign tourists. It is divided into two floors. The first floor is the fitness experience area, which connects the community and park with sports and conveys the brand concept. The second floor uses Hill-Café to create a shared and open American life scene. The design team hopes to use the inner box of "Park Hill Living Hall" to connect the outer box of "Jiangangshan International Mountain Park" to complete the symbiosis of urban culture, environment and brand space.


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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