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Small House Residential Building in Isfahan, Iran designed by Masih Fazile

Designed by Iranian architecture & interior design studio Masih Fazile, Small House Residential Building located in Hezarjarib St ,IsfahanIran.

Project description by the architects:

“Small House” built on an area of 70 square meters (7m * 10m) has a full construction license in Isfahan, Iran. The project's ground is adjacent to the residential land from the north, and is neighboring an old commercial building from the south. The only access to the project is through the western side overlooking Sufe Mount, and on the east side, the center of the neighborhood.

Small House Residential Building in Isfahan, Iran designed by Masih Fazileimage © Farshid Nasrabadi

The employer demanded two separate residential units; however, the small size of the land, the height limit and difficulty in providing light faced us with various challenges in design.

building facade with illumination at nightimage © Farshid Nasrabadi

Due to the limited dimensions of the land, it was tried to separate spaces through designing sub-spaces with different altitudes in each unit instead of using segregated elements such as the wall. This way, through establishing a logical connection between spaces and observing the principle of hierarchy, we witnessed the formation of flexible and multi-functional spaces.

architectural plans

In addition, limitations in providing light and optimum visibility were resolved by designing and creating gaps and significant incisions in the facade, leading to the formation of desirable and diverse spaces. In order to provide more light in the basement, the sloping space below the main staircase was used to provide all the space with natural light. The steps of each unit were designed in such a way that not only instilled the sense of movement in the entire set, but also enhanced the access to different sub-spaces so that each staircase became wider and turned to one of the main spaces of the house.

man walking on wooden staircase image © Farshid Nasrabadi

The facade was designed based on ideas to remove the limitations and optimal use of available potential (view of the mountain, south light, etc.). Regarding the legal constraints of neighboring (the height limit for the facade walls is up to 175 cm ) on the western side, the facade design were crooked outwards and the wall behind the main staircase was crooked inward the building, therefore, residents can enjoy the favorable south light.
On the eastern side, the angled semi-transparent wooden surfaces were used in the facade to eliminate light and neighboring constraints.

little girl playing with lego brick pieces in the room image © Farshid Nasrabadi

Considering the employer's interest in the plants, the smallest spaces, such as the false spaces of the sanitary roofs and the back and under the stairs were used for planting so that residents have a different view of plants from every space. It also had a significant impact on the design of the project. Another idea implemented due to the restrictions on planting was the conversion of the horizontal flower box to the vertical one leading more space to be covered with plants. As a result, the visually-tactile (multi-sensory) sensation is better for the inhabitants and ventilation and circulation improved when the air passes through the plants.          man walking down on wooden staircase  image © Farshid Nasrabadi

wooden staircase with glass handrail image © Farshid Nasrabadi

television image © Farshid Nasrabadi

small kitchen near staircase image © Farshid Nasrabadi

large windows image © Farshid Nasrabadi

plants inside the room near window image © Farshid Nasrabadi

white graves under the stairs image © Farshid Nasrabadi

man walking down on staircase image © Farshid Nasrabadi

empty white room with large windows image © Farshid Nasrabadi

balcony with slide door let the sun light enters the room image © Farshid Nasrabadi

man walking up on a spiral staircase image © Farshid Nasrabadi

wooden staircase image © Farshid Nasrabadi

wooden staircase with metallic handrail image © Farshid Nasrabadi

modern staircase above kitchen image © Farshid Nasrabadi

big windows image © Farshid Nasrabadi

book shelves image © Farshid Nasrabadi

staircase with marble stone image © Farshid Nasrabadi

man in the kitchen image © Farshid Nasrabadi

white empty room with parquet flooring image © Farshid Nasrabadi

man walking on staircase image © Farshid Nasrabadi

residential building apartment in Iran image © Farshid Nasrabadi

building facade in a sunny day image © Farshid Nasrabadi

plants growing on the balcony image © Farshid Nasrabadi


Section A - A

Section B - B

architectural diagram

architectural sections

architectural 3d perspective

structural drawing

site map

site plan

Project name: Small House Residential Building

Architecture firm: Masih Fazile 

Design team: Masih Fazile

Location: Hezarjarib St ,IsfahanIran

Completion year: 2016

Land area: 70 m²

Built area: 285 m²

Client: Abas Jafarian

Construction: Amin Dardashti nia

Supervision: Masih Fazile 

Structure: Hasan Fathi 

Electrical: Hossein Aloeie

Mechanical: Emadeddin Zandian

Graphic: Afife Zandian

Photographer : Farshid Nasrabadi

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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