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Viewpoint Villa: Kelardasht residential building by Saeb Alimmohammadi

Project name:
Viewpoint Villa
Architecture firm:
Saeb Alimmohammadi
Kelardasht, Mazandaran Province, Iran
Tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max, V-Ray, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
Saeb Alimmohammadi
Design team:
Niloufar Alimmohammadi, Aida Alimmohammadi
Built area:
800 m²
Site area:
1400 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Mohammad Hasan Behrouz
Structural engineer:
Mohammad Hasan Behrouz
Space and performance architects group
Mr. Rouhi
Design and implementation phase

Designed by Iranian architect Saeb Alimmohammadi, Viewpoint Villa is a residential building located in Kelardasht, Mazandaran Province,  Iran.

Architect's statemtn: Due to the special position of the project and the location of the land at the highest point of the kelardasht region, whereby the land is completely aristocratic to the plains and mountains of the kelardasht region, the concept of work based on proper view and use of light and visibility in all four directions shaped (height) so that the project acts as a point of view and somehow creates a 360-degree view for residents.

In designing the project, the importance of giving quality to the interior spaces was in step with the exterior spaces in priority, so that the project has the characteristics of a modern project and is well connected with the project site and neighborhoods. how to achieve a modern and luxurious building that has a functional diagram and proper organization has always been evaluated in the project process to achieve internal and external quality. the content produced is the result of defining a suitable bed on land with high potentials.

residential building surrounded with treesimage © Saeb Alimmohammadi

black car entering the building garage image © Saeb Alimmohammadi

villa built on a steep terrain image © Saeb Alimmohammadi

Pool with outdoor furnitureimage © Saeb Alimmohammadi

swimming pool with fire pit in the middle image © Saeb Alimmohammadi

concrete and glass facade image © Saeb Alimmohammadi

a man fixing his bicycle at the backyardimage © Saeb Alimmohammadi

building surrounded with trees and green landscape image © Saeb Alimmohammadi

concrete wall and glass windows image © Saeb Alimmohammadi

girl walking by the poolimage © Saeb Alimmohammadi

bedroom with glass slide window image © Saeb Alimmohammadi

concrete facade and green treesimage © Saeb Alimmohammadi

white facade building image © Saeb Alimmohammadi

Perspective of the house from different viewsPesrpective

Site Floor Plan DrawingSite Floor Plan

Site Floor Plan Architectural Drawing Site Floor Plan

Architectural Diagram Diagram

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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