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OPS - Resort Villa in the Mountain: Interesting Soul Always Has a Place

Project name:
Resort Villa in the Mountain
Architecture firm:
OPS (Finishing Design Firm)
Chengde, Hebei, China
Ao Xiang
Principal architect:
Design team:
Ye Huajin, Wen Xiaobo, Xie Hongbin, Ding Shengqi, Guo Jianye
Built area:
220 square meters
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
April 26, 2022
Interior design:
Decoration Design Firm: OPS Decoration Design Team: Lin Suting, Xu Jiamin, Chen Xuemin, Li Shuqi
Guangzhou Ransheng Landscape Design
Structural engineer:
Civil engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Chengde Haiguang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
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OPS: Natural interest

Beauty of tension is a kind of competitive power

I prefer a state of conflict or tension. I don't like a state where only physical beauty works, because if it's just beauty, it is kind of boring.

The project is located in Fengning Manchu Autonomous County in the middle zone between the farming culture of the Central Plains in the south and the animal husbandry culture in the north. The cultural features integrate the southern and northern cultures. It enjoys both Hongshan culture and Longshan type; it has delicate and deft style in Central Plain, with rugged and earthy characters from prairie.

The aesthetic experience of design comes from the feeling of the beauty of nature. The designer deems that the color of nature, the rare beauty of texture is the aesthetic object. It is also a resource for thinking and a weapon for logic.

The appearance is not the only concern. The designers should think about what the process and logic are and make some interesting changes. In the absence of deep study of materials and aesthetic deposition, nothing is thick. OPS thinks highly of things with thickness and depth. The attitude is the same when creating the space.

I still hold my breath and feel excited every time I face the nature.

The colour of natural mineral in the sitting room pours down from metope. It imitated the texture of the earth. The feeling evoked is transformed from abstraction to nature.

Diverse materials in the space collide with each other, giving off a primitive but exquisite, fine, and smooth atmosphere. Green dripping, ravine stream of mountain creeks, sounds like a text. The space naturally overlaps with the breath of nature growth.

The smooth sofa seems to be the place that contacts with the first ray of sunshine in mountain stream; the shape of the floor lamp is organic sculpture, combined with natural rust texture. The light spread outward in a warm, ethereal glow, making breathing sounds, thus giving space more drama and interesting soul.

The dining rooms are surrounded by green shade and galaxy streaming down. Everything starts with an emotional memory connected to nature. The shell glossiness of dining chair is like the flowing Milky Way with gorgeous spark.

Based on alternation of night and day, the master bedroom is filled with light and shadow because of the skylight, where we can enjoy a lot when listening to the nature.

The full spectrum of beauty created by nature is traceable under the creation of design. The original touch evolved into a space work. The color, design and texture of every centimeter in the space are poured into the clever and flexible language of the designer. Carefully chosen art and design allows objects to form fascinating dialogues in harmony or conflict with each other.

Everything in the world that has to do with beauty is in harmony. The logic conveyed by beauty continues in fusion and effort.

The guest rooms are bold and unrestrained in colors. They enjoy visual impact, full of publicity and surging vitality. Various hues make the emotions evoked change frequently in the calm and turbulent concave and convex space. Also, warm transformation and roaming wild of the sense of power, romantic and never timid.

Designers pay attention to color, pattern, material, gram weight and touch of fabric which would impact effect. After comprehensive consideration, there will be better comfort and texture.

We want to show the emotions brought by nature in the space.

For small rooms, through the deconstruction and reorganization of different elements of nature, and the use of different materials and crafts, the original stone, metal and wood are handmade, which reveals their characters. It combines modern delicacy and primitive roughness.

Everything with a soul will always have an attribution.

The sentimental and tender colors of nature are integrated in the mysterious blues of different shades in the studio. The control of color and texture is an unsaid aesthetic.

People tend to define "style" in labelling terms. Nonetheless, as far as the creator is concerned, it is somewhat limited to describe "style" with only one-sided words. What does the creator think is the most important. Design is not as elegantly defined as mathematics and physics. No matter how you define it, it doesn't seem very satisfying; It is like a proof of existence in the world, which makes the world richer and more beautiful, rather than completely unified.

The space design allows some personal feeling "portraits" to be presented in the public view. Coexisting with different people and different values, they have formed an unspeakable echo in the present time and space. This is the beauty of design that we acknowledge.


OPS is a creative and dynamic design practice. Over the past 8 years since establishment, we have completed a wide range of projects including hotels, clubs, property sales centers, show flats, offices, residences and more mainly in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. OPS has a global vision, and provides one-stop services. We're dedicated to delivering optimized solutions for clients who pursue quality space and design. While bearing in mind the clients' commercial benefits and business development, we constantly seek design innovation to bring harmonious and comfortable design experiences.

By Liliana Alvarez

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