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A series of futuristic skyscraper concepts by Umesh Bhosale

Project name:
Statheros, Boolean Glitch, Foxtrot, Avava
Architecture firm:
Umesh Bhosale
Tools used:
Rhinoceros 3D, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
Umesh Bhosale
Design team:
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Umesh Bhosale
Concept - Design
Mixed-use building

A series of futuristic concepts surrounding facade, form, scale, material and light by Umesh Bhosale.

The everyday project started in 2019 with the initial thought of exploring design ideas using basic 3 dimensional shapes which later evolved into architectural spaces involving nature, landscape, themes and parametrics.


Umesh Bhosale: As my 500th design, I wished to keep it remarkable. Statheros, meaning - consistent, stands for being consistent for 500 days, is a simple design for a luxury hotel. The flat structure stands perpendicular with its bottom end bifurcating towards the ground doing a split after getting pinched inwards. It appears as if the block is melting above the ground in two directions. This creates a wide entrance making it welcoming for the guests. The stripes of light on all sides helps to illuminate the surroundings during the night.

luxury hotel with palm trees at surroundingStatheros - image © Umesh Bhosale

skyscraper with glass facade Statheros - image © Umesh Bhosale

tower with illumination at night Statheros - image © Umesh Bhosale

skyscraper concept Statheros - image © Umesh Bhosale

tall building Statheros - image © Umesh Bhosale

 Boolean Glitch

This office design is formed by a transparent block of a rectangle with smooth edges, standing still on rocky mountains near the seashore with a series of wave patterns extending out. This wave pattern is the result of a Boolean glitch that has divided the rectangle into two parts yet kept it together internally. The structure juxtapositions itself, allowing the user to experience the view of the forest on one side and the view of the sea on the other.

boolean glitch tower with transparent glass windows Boolean Glitch - image © Umesh Bhosale

tower among rocks Boolean Glitch - image © Umesh Bhosale

rocky shore skyscraper Boolean Glitch - image © Umesh Bhosale

transparent exterior facade Boolean Glitch - image © Umesh Bhosale

red flowers Boolean Glitch - image © Umesh Bhosale


This dynamic design for Headquarter is inspired by the well-known ballroom dance style called foxtrot. Two vertical bars are holding each other by the horizontal member which is stretched outwards on one side to make a cantilever that gives a panoramic view of the sea. This form articulates an image of two dancers performing foxtrot with their hands extended. The performative design exhibits design principles such as balance, symmetry, and movement.

foxtrot towerFoxtrot - image © Umesh Bhosale

sea side tower Foxtrot - image © Umesh Bhosale

sea view Foxtrot - image © Umesh Bhosale

conceptual building with illumination at night Foxtrot - image © Umesh Bhosale

conceptual building with illumination at night Foxtrot - image © Umesh Bhosale


This organic design is inspired by blobitecture with some modifications. A series of flat peaks in the hierarchy are truncated upwards to form a single peak with windows on its flat sides. The verticality of this structure along with smooth folds makes it unique, adding an aesthetic to the skyline of the city. Being structurally sound and having an upwards hierarchy makes it desirable as a space and as a futuristic design in an urban utopian concept emerging in several creative minds across the world.

organic form tower AvAvA- image © Umesh Bhosale

conceptual skyscraper AvAvA- image © Umesh Bhosale

green landscape AvAvA- image © Umesh Bhosale

tower design AvAvA- image © Umesh Bhosale

glass window AvAvA- image © Umesh Bhosale

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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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