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BIOPHILIC House in Częstochowa, Poland by LIBRA Architekci

Project name:
Architecture firm:
LIBRA Architekci
Częstochowa, Poland
Tools used:
AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds Max, V-ray
Principal architect:
Klaudia Korzonek-Kowalska
Design team:
Built area:
470 m²
Site area:
6500 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Exterior : b1design.pl, Interior : Kateryna Rudenko
Concept - Design
Residential › House

LIBRA Architekci: Biophilia is a term that was popularized in the 1980s by Edward O. Wilson, a scientist Harvard University. He says that we have an innate sense of community with the world nature, which is essential for our proper functioning, acts as a healing factor, promotes concentration, calming, restores the desired balance. Modern architecture could not be indifferent to the needs of proximity to nature Users. Biophilic design is a trend in design with a love of nature.

Improve well-being, creativity, productivity, reducing stress levels are some of the benefits of its application. Biophilic design connects people and nature.

Modern houses should be in tune with the environment and meet the needs of residents. This is how the Biophilic House project was created. The project was inspired by the colors of the earth: sand, water, rocks, light, air, vegetation. These colors sooth the senses, silence.

stone facade house

Architect Frank L. Wright called for buildings made of natural materials to be built to "grow" with the environment and be a natural part of it.

The single-level building on the street side creates the impression of a closed form composed of stone walls arranged in two rows. The natural stone on the facade ensures harmony with nature and refers to the place; plot located in a small village in near Częstochowa, in Poland, where until a few years ago, a meadow full of wildflowers grew.

The front part of the facade is minimalist, cut through two cavities covering the gate and a gap leading to the front door. The only window facing this part of the building is floating above ground, located above the countertop in the kitchen. This house is intended to give residents as much privacy as possible.

"There is no better architecture than a tree" - Toyo Ito

modern house interior

Entering the building through the entrance zone; with the toilet and dressing room, which is a connecting garage, the heart of the house is shown to us – a tree. Irregular pine in a glazed patio, which illuminates the adjacent spaces and makes nature penetrate into the interior of the Home. This focal point divides the building into two parts: eastern with living room, dining room, kitchen, pantry and western with office, children's rooms, bedroom, dressing room, laundry room and two bathrooms.

The interior of the house is designed on the plan of an elongated gallery connecting all rooms. Each room has access to a terrace exit and large glazing from the
south-west, which blurr the boundaries between the interior and the outside, allowing natural penetration of the nature of the garden into the interior of the house.

dining table with chairs

The central tree is not the only patio in this project, the second is located in the sleeping area located next to the bathroom. Lying in the bath you can relax with the view
highlighted tree, which is covered from the neighbors with a stone wall, which allows you to privacy and intimacy with nature. The bedroom area is a closed part of the at the end of the house, which hides a private bathroom, dressing room and bedroom.

The third element of nature inside the building is the green patio located at the end of the gallery next to children's rooms, allowing you to let natural light into the space communication of the house.

The eastern part opens to a spacious living room with a dining area with elevated ceilings. The living room has a large glazing overlooking the garden and swimming pool, a seating area with fireplace, dining room overlooking the main tree, access to the barbecue terrace and to the kitchen equipped with a pantry. Kitchen with a large kitchen island as the only the room in the house has a window to the street side.

pendant lamp over dining table

The covered terrace stretches from the east side of the house until the end of the building on the south-west side. It starts with a barbecue with a table for 12 people and a view of the pool. The water pool is also located along the living room and ends flush with the seating area of the terrace. The sofas are lowered so that they do not obey the view of the garden from the inside of the house and give a sense of intimacy. The gas-fired hearth located in the lowered part is another nod to nature, a symbol of the family bonfire.

The building opens entirely with glazing to the southwest with an elongated terrace - a place from which residents will be able to admire the morning fog, in the afternoons use the swimming pool with the width of the swimming track, and in the evenings watch the sunsets.

bathroom with window open to courtyard

The plot with a natural slope in the south, with an area of 6500 m2 and a difference in height of four meters on which the project was located, gave the opportunity to design the site in three levels. The designed body of the house gives the impression of floating in the air. At the lower part of the plot flows a tributary to the nearby water reservoir.

Biophilic House is a modern block that, closed from the street, opens to the inhabitants of nature through large glazing and invites it into the interior of the house thanks to three inner green courtyards. The natural colours and materials of the exterior and interior the building complement the surrounding idyllic landscape, giving users a sense of peace and harmony.

bathroom interior

modern home with infinity pool

modern residence surrounded with nature

house with illumination at night

ground floor plan

elevation drawing

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By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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