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Children's Art School In The City Of Obukhiv, Ukraine by Evgenii Kravchenko

Project name:
Children's Art School In The City Of Obukhiv
Architecture firm:
Evgenii Kravchenko
Obukhiv, Ukraine
Tools used:
Blender 3D, Lumion 8, Affinity Photo, AutoCAD
Principal architect:
Evgenii Kravchenko
Design team:
Built area:
3190 m²
Site area:
23420 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Semikina H. V
Evgenii Kravchenko
Bachelor thesis
Public building

Designed by Evgenii Kravchenko, The Children's Art School project is located in the city of Obukhiv, in the north of Ukraine, around 45 km from Kyiv.

A building plot is located in the administrative district of the city, in the park, along the Kashtanova street. The purpose of the location of the project in the park is to unite the micro-districts in a culturally significant place; refine the territory of the neglected park.

Children's Art School In The City Of Obukhiv, Ukraine by Evgenii Kravchenkoimage © Evgenii Kravchenko

This building serves not only as an art school for children, but also it creates spaces for cultural activity, various events, and relaxation for residents of the city. The park itself can be divide into thematic zones. Each of them offers different leisure: markets, festivals, sports fields, botanical gardens.

building lobby with central courtyard image © Evgenii Kravchenko

The lobby of the building represents open atrium space, which includes cylindrical elements in the centre with the planting of greenery and trees growing from them. These cylinders are equipped with benches, rubbish bins, and act as recreation and waiting areas. The area around the cylinders is finished with a shock-resistant wooden floor to create the “natural island” effect and highlight the functional area. This technique used due to the desire to overcome the barrier between the outside and inside. The walls finished with wooden panels with a slit perforation, and cotton wool on the backside, which provides good sound absorption. The lobby includes a cafe area, which also separated from the main floor with wooden flooring. The first floor is made of ceramic- granite tiles, as it has a long service life and high wear resistance.

building facade with organic curvy form image © Evgenii Kravchenko

contemporary building in winter image © Evgenii Kravchenko

side elevation of the building image © Evgenii Kravchenko

building facade image © Evgenii Kravchenko

front elevation image © Evgenii Kravchenko

architectural plan drawing Plan

Plan drawing Plan

architecture plan drawing Plan

section drawing Section 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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