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Platinum Tower, Limassol, Cyprus by ZIKZAK Architects

Project name:
Platinum Tower
Architecture firm:
ZIKZAK Architects
Limassol, Cyprus
Tools used:
Principal architect:
N. Zykh
Design team:
N. Zykh, I. Vepryk, I. Yashy n, A. Yehiiants
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
5QUEENS Development, Limassol, Cyprus
In Progress
Commercial › Office Building

The business center with the largest media screen in Cyprus How will the Platinum Tower in Limassol look.

Limassol is set to welcome a striking new addition to its skyline - the Platinum Tower, which will serve as the flagship office for 5QUEENS Development in Limassol, Cyprus, accommodating a substantial team of employees. The building's facade design is a creation of ZIKZAK Architects, a Ukrainian firm with a presence in Cyprus.

Architects have chosen glass designs that replicate a mirror effect and possess light-reflective properties. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this approach addresses practical climate-related concerns in Cyprus. The high-quality glass facade prevents the building from overheating by reflecting sunlight, thereby serving an energy-saving function.

The double-sided logo of the Platinum Tower is visible from any angle on the road, enhancing its distinctiveness. A platinum crown adorns the entrance area of the business center, symbolizing 5QUEENS Development. The building captures attention and leaves a lasting impression in one's memory.

Platinum Tower is equipped with Cyprus' largest media screen, measuring 4 meters in height and over 100 meters in length. This media screen will broadcast up-to-date video content relevant to the city's residents.

One of the building's unique features is its multifunctional design. It is planned with the arrangement of open terraces, which can be converted into enclosed terraces as needed.

The nighttime illumination is designed with versatile lighting options, offering contour lighting as depicted in visualizations. This lighting emphasizes the building's shape, framing the platinum ingot design and enhancing its structure and elegance.

Platinum Tower will proudly serve as the headquarters and flagship of 5QUEENS Development in Limassol, Cyprus. Resembling a platinum ingot and featuring Cyprus' largest media screen, it will gracefully stand out among the city's contemporary buildings.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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