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Stars Valley Hotel by Mote Design

Project name:
Stars Valley Hotel
Architecture firm:
Mote Design
Qeshm Island, Iran
Tools used:
Midjourney AI, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
Shabnam Motevalli
Design team:
Mote Design Studio
Built area:
3000 m²
Site area:
8000 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Shabnam Motevalli
Concept - Design
Hospitality › Hotel

Mote Design: This hotel, nestled in the heart of "Stars Valley" on the enchanting Qeshm Island in Southern Iran, serves as a testament to the influence of nature and muted tones on humankind. The cave pool murmurs stories of ancient civilizations, where time stands still, and history is etched into every stone.

As you immerse yourself in this tranquil escape, you'll discover the subtle elegance of muted tones that accentuate the authenticity of the landscape. The influence of free forms weaves a unique tapestry of culture, creating an atmosphere that is both exotic and serene. Let the whispers of the valley guide you, and just be.

This is more than just a hotel; it's an architectural masterpiece that celebrates the wonders of nature. On this journey of design and discovery, where the past and present coexist in harmony, the cave pool reflects the starlit skies above."

By Liliana Alvarez

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