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The victory of the spirit, Azovstal, Mariupol, Ukraine by Moshe Katz Architect

Project name:
The victory of the spirit- Azovstal, Mariupol- Ukraine
Architecture firm:
Moshe Katz Architect
Azovstal iron and steel works in Mariupol, Ukraine
Tools used:
Principal architect:
Design team:
Built area:
100,000 m²
Site area:
3,000,000 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Wemage CGI
Concept - Design
Museum, Expo, Urban design, Urban development, Commercial, Eco and green architecture & Urbanism, Landscape architecture

A Symbol of Hope Rises from the Ashes: The Victory of the Spirit in Mariupol, Ukraine

Discover inspiration museum, park, and expo, brought to life by the visionary Moshe Katz Architect and Wemage CGI. This extraordinary project emerges from the ruins of the Azovstal iron and steel complex, serving as a testament to the invincible human spirit. Located in the heart of Mariupol, this dynamic design connects with the sky, symbolizing the strength and strength of the Ukrainian people.

Victory of the Spirit: Azovstal, Mariupol, Ukraine

Inspiration Museum, park, and expo by Moshe Katz architects and Wemage CGI.

Discover a triumph of the human spirit at the Azovstal iron and steel works in Mariupol. Designed by Moshe Katz architects and  Wemage CGI, this project is not just a museum, park, and expo - it's a symbol of hope rising from the ashes.

Once a battlefield, this now thriving center represents the indomitable strength and resilience of the Ukrainian people. Its dynamic design reaches for the sky, embodying the rebirth and motion that emerge from conflict. Its transparent structure reflects the delicate yet powerful spirit within all of us, inspiring everyone who visits.

Step inside the main building and you'll find a museum dedicated to the human spirit. The surrounding park serves as a solemn memorial for those affected by the war. And the old factory, transformed into an expo space, celebrates innovation, creativity, and the vibrant local culture, design, and cuisine.

Every lost Ukrainian soul is honored with a yellow Buttercup tree, reminding us of the national flag and the life-giving power of sunlight. A grand waterfall symbolizes the eternal flow of life, connecting all paths through the main boulevard. The building itself is a thriving ecosystem, with local fauna growing on its rooftop, representing the resilience of the local culture.

The materials of iron and steel, pushed to their limits, serve as the building blocks of this remarkable project. Light steel cables hold it all together, symbolizing the invisible bond that unites the Ukrainian people. And with innovative solar panels, the facade not only shines, but also stores energy for maximum sustainability.

The collaboration between our team and Wemage CGI has been fueled by passion, dedication, and a shared dream for an end to the war and the beginning of a new, stronger, and more beautiful life. Join us in celebrating the Victory of the Spirit at Azovstal in Mariupol, Ukraine.

By Liliana Alvarez

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