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Twin Voids of San Jose by Amirali Merati Architects

Project name:
The Twin Voids
Architecture firm:
Amirali Merati Architects
Guadalupe park, San Jose, Silicon Valley
Tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Rhinoceros 3D, Adobe Photoshop, HDRI
Principal architect:
Amirali Merati
Design team:
Amirali Merati Architects
Built area:
115000 ft²
Site area:
Delimited design area = 4.7 Acers approximately
Design year:
Completion year:
Alireza Kazemirad
Unbuilt -Competition Submission
Bridge Park Hybrid

The Twin Voids is a bridge park-monument concept for Guadalupe park in San Jose, Silicon Valley, designed by Amirali Merati Architects.

Architect's statement: San Jose is the fourth poorest city in terms of city green canopy cover in Silicon Valley. Radical increase in the density, scale and connectivity of tree canopy is a necessity for urban biodiversity. Therefore, this proposal is to remove the existing parks on both sides of the Guadalupe River and replace them with dense forest patches of local trees. To compensate for urban parks, our newly designed bridge monument will offer all the greenery and facilities of the old parks:

hybrid bridge park with greenery surrounding image © Amirali Merati Architects

The monument is shaped around two expansive voids. It neither has an inside nor an outside. One would experience the space as it constantly oscillates between within and without via multiple horizons. The two circular multi-level bridges, meeting each other halfway over the river, provide more than 7,000 feet of green paths with slopes ranging from 3.5% to 15% for different uses. This quality makes the space accessible for all the citizens for recreational purposes: to juggle, run, cycle, wheelchair and leisurely walk to enjoy urban surroundings.

green park with circular pathway bridge image © Amirali Merati Architects

Once connected by the greenery of our park-monument, the two dense tree canopies, will have the efficacy of a singular continuous patch, which not only complements the green matrix of the site`s neighborhood but also will increase the overall patch size.

bridge view at sunset image © Amirali Merati Architects

As an urban destination, this monument, unlike its historical precedents, is designed to have an impact on the neighborhood’s urban life. It increases the urban permeability, embraces the citizens, holds them in, offers silence and shelter.From the sky, it resembles two cosmic touching spirals. At nights, the monument glows with mild dims of light. In darkness, it alludes hanging gardens, signifying the Babel of the future.

bridge with hanging garden image © Amirali Merati Architects

Connect with the Amirali Merati Architects & Alireza Kazemirad

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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