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Exclusive resort NFTs in the metaverse by Extraverse and CUUB Studio

Project name:
Exclusive resort NFTs
Architecture firm:
CUUB Studio
Tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Da Vince Resolve, Fusion
Principal architect:
Design team:
CUUB Studio
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Concept - Design
Future Architecture

Our partners Extraverse have created a curated collection of ultra-exclusive resort NFTs that exist in the metaverse. Each resort comes with unparalleled artwork and its own unique backstory.

CUUB team worked on creating visual art for location stories for Colony III, Rai Stone Reef and Nyiragongo Crater Lodge. We designed the architecture, landscapes, environment, and visual language to tell the story of each location. Our main task was to create in animations and visualizations a well-designed environment based on human emotions, sensations and connections with fantasy and dreamy locations.

Each resorts are owned as NFTs that come bundled with:

     - Land parcels in Decentraland and The Sandbox

     - 3D resort developments on those parcels

     - Membership in the Resort Owners’ DAO

Colony III, Mars

In this location, CUUB studio  created a visual story about Cavern Outpost, a luxury resort set into an opening high along the wall of the Adama-Toure Cavern under Colony III on Mars. As you walk through our perfectly appointed lobby, you will approach a 50-meter long deck jutting out into the yawning, eerily-lit space inside Adama-Toure Cavern. From the lobby and the deck, you make your way down to your luxury suite, which ends in a wall of glass overlooking the cavern from on high. Gazing down to the floor of the cavern, which is bisected by a rushing underground Martian river, many guests feel overwhelmed by the scope and spend large parts of the first day of their journey lost in their own thoughts. Each night Cavern Outpost puts on a light show that illuminates alternating sections of the cavern in an entrancing display, until the entire structure is lit up in dazzling color. With nothing like it on Earth, you will feel not just that you have traveled to another planet, but as though you’ve stepped into another universe.

Daily excursions descend to the bottom of the cavern so you can walk across the floor and explore the banks of the river. The more adventurous among you can take guided tours into the hundreds of cave openings that line the floor and sides of Adama-Toure cavern. During your stay, you will of course want to spend time on the surface. Daily excursions whisk you 30 meters to the surface to active mining, energy, and farming operations, so you can observe how Colony III extracts needed minerals, gathers solar power, and grows its food. Sunset and midnight surface trips seem to be the most popular with travelers. From Mars’ surface, you gaze up at the night sky and lose yourself all over again. With less atmosphere than earth, the Mars sky is an inky blackness deeper than anything humans have ever witnessed before. Directly above you, dangling, blinking, and alone in the vast absorbing darkness, you glimpse what looks like the brightest star you have ever seen: Earth, your home, with 10 billion humans on it.

Rai Stone Reef Villas

CUUB studio depicted the history of Yap Island, which is famous for Rai stones, the money used by the islanders hundreds of years ago.  Rai stones weren’t native to the island, and as a result the extreme effort required to procure and transport the immensely heavy objects back to the islands kept the supply limited. In 2026, a DAO called RaiStoneReef was formed with the purpose of building a monument to Micronesian culture and a mecca for the savvy crypto traveler.  The DAO raised $100 million and worked with the local government and communities to devise something accessible, yet remote; luxurious yet discreet.  After several years of reclaiming miles of mangrove swamps and careful construction, they unveiled the world’s finest resort: a 100% self-sustaining and reef-preserving compound situated on the sparkling sands of the northern coast of the Yap islands.  The resort has the largest known Rai stone at its center to honor this island’s contributions to blockchain technology. 

Nyiragongo Crater Lodge

CUUB studio  has embodied a visual story about the Nyiragongo volcano. Say the brightest time of day at Nyiragongo volcano is the nighttime, when the volcano’s lava lake lights up the sky and brilliant red rivers of molten rock race down the slopes.  Built onto the crater’s edge of one of the world’s most impressive live volcanoes, Nyiragongo Crater Palace gets you as close to the earth’s center as you’ll want to go, giving you unparalleled scenery viewed from the luxury of your single-occupancy palace.  At night you’ll fall asleep to the primal gurgling noises of living, moving rock which, superheated to 2000 degrees, flows nearby like muddy water. During the day, you can hike along the crater edge, or use your land cruiser to descend down the slopes into Virunga National Park where you can visit with the magnificent mountain gorillas.  Nyiragongo Crater Palace helps fund the local park rangers who protect these magnificent animals from poachers.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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