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MF Pavilion, Mexico City by Guillermo Tirado González

Project name:
MF Pavilion
Architecture firm:
México City, Mexico
Idea Cúbica, Documentación Arquitectónica, The Raws
Principal architect:
Guillermo Tirado González
Design team:
Andrés Laurent Tirado, Daniela Carrillo Gutiérrez, Roberto Galván García, LDI. Marisol Maciel Santos
Interior design:
Guillermo Tirado González Architects
Built area:
191 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Guillermo Tirado González Architects
Guillermo Tirado González Architects
Tools used:
Guillermo Tirado González Architects
Flos, Fundermax, Lutron, Toto, Acor, Adobe, AutoDesk, Cemex, ES-PARKET, ISC, Lumion, Royal Marble, Trimble Navigation, Tulsa
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MF Pavilion: An oasis of timeless design in harmony with nature

Guillermo Tirado González: The MF Pavilion is a separate extension to an existing single-family home. It is subtly and strategically integrated into the house, creating a new form of productive and complementary coexistence without disturbing the hierarchy of the house.

Design and context

The design of the pavilion arises from the projection of a series of lines towards the site of intervention, both from the geometry of the site and from the existing house. The footprint of the pavilion is a direct consequence of the reading of the immediate context.


The pavilion houses a dining area, bar, TV lounge and billiards area. Outdoors it consists of a terrace with a barbecue and an amphitheater that also functions as stairs to access the rear or main garden, since the building is buried. Respect for the environment In order to respect the current levels of the house, as well as the vegetation, it was designed based on respect for the existing vegetation and generating more green area under the format of a green roof.


- Timeless design: sober on the outside and expressive duality on the inside.

- Natural materials: exposed concrete on the outside and a mix of materials on the inside.

Constraints of the project

- Minimal intervention in the green area.

- Functional autonomy of the pavilion.

- Height of the pavilion not greater than the parapet of the window of the ante-dining room.

- Relationship with nature: keep a green oak tree in the center of the intervention area.

- Recognition of the architecture of the existing house through formal and material differentiation.

- Materiality: use of natural and pure materials.

The MF Pavilion is an example of timeless design that blends harmoniously with nature. Its materiality, design and program make it a unique space to enjoy free time and conviviality.

By Liliana Alvarez

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