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Minimum Housing 2, Docta, Córdoba, Argentina by Pablo Senmartin Arquitectos

Project name:
Minimum Housing 2 (Viviendas mínimas 2)
Architecture firm:
Pablo Senmartin Arquitectos
Docta, Córdoba, Argentina
Andrés Domínguez
Principal architect:
Pablo Senmartin
Design team:
Giovanna Rimoldi, Camila Nieto
Interior design:
Built area:
220 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Andrés Mole
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Mariana Cecilia Romero
Residential › Housing

Pablo Senmartin Arquitectos: The western periphery of the city of Córdoba is witness to new neighborhoods, preferably chosen by young families or single people, who seek to get away from the complexity of urban concentration, among crop areas and canals still in operation. In this context of economic and social difficulties, the minimum home with a patio emerges as a valid alternative for those who leave high-rise homes due to the need to access their own outdoor space. 2 homes were developed, with a contractive cost of 350USD per m².

Each one has its own area of ​​110 m², and a land area of ​​180 m². The challenge was to find environmental qualities and spatial qualities in the use of traditional materials that were offered by the owners for the construction of the project. The main façade is exposed to the North, which is why it receives solar radiation in the afternoon in winter and at noon in summer, for this reason, a 10 m retreat with respect to the sidewalk allows a common space - interaction and parking space. for 2 vehicles, which is protected by a metal structure that covers a translucent sheet. A double screened wall of white fired bricks, assembled as a grid of solids and voids, protects the main façade and a flowerbed between both walls will allow the vegetation to reinforce climate control.

The entrance doors are deep, The interior spaces are very simple, and integrated into the ground floor with a strong connection to the patio. The upper floor is adaptable to 1-2-3 rest or work spaces depending on occasional use. The pure white of the volumes reflects the sun and the use of screening gives identity and changing image to the minimal homes through the lights and leftovers throughout the hours of the day. The façade dematerializes its image towards the sky. The upper screenings contain the accessible terrace railing where the distant and nearby landscape can be contemplated.

By Liliana Alvarez

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