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Office for the international food products company Danone, Strengthening the brand and company values through the design of its office

Project name:
Danone Office
Architecture firm:
ZIKZAK Architects
Kyiv, Ukraine
Max Artbovich
Principal architect:
Olha Savkov
Design team:
Ihor Yashyn, Vasylyna Boichuk, Anush Yehiiants, Valeria Mostipan
Project team: Olha Savkov, Vlad Havrylov, Tetyana Zykh, Mariia Ternova, Valeria Mostipan, Ihor Yashyn, Vasylyna Boichuk, Anush Yehiiants
Built area:
1869 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
ZIKZAK Architects
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Office Building › Interior Design

This year, Danone celebrates its 100th anniversary and has marked the occasion with the renovation of its Kyiv office. ZIKZAK Architects were enlisted for the interior design update. Designers based the office concept on the rich history of the brand, company values, and the diverse product lines of the brand. From the existing space of 1869 m² for 150 employees, the goal was to create a more open and visually spacious environment for the same number of people. Emphasizing inclusivity was important.

The company's slogan is "One planet – one health." Nature in its beauty became the main concept of the office interior. Designers divided the zones into different themes related to nature and the company's brands. The reception area represents a crystal-clear morning. The working area reflects the day after rain. Hot desks and informal communication zones with richer colors embody a bright day. Each meeting room corresponds to its theme: inclusivity, safety and well-being, healthy living, and so on. The kitchen became a blooming noon, while the restroom area represents a fragrant evening.

The design of the reception area is conceptually linked to dairy products. The focal pendant light above the receptionist's desk evokes associations with milk, cottage cheese, or mozzarella. In this zone, there is a stylish niche for mail storage and plant pots. The cozy waiting area nearby is designed for the comfortable stay of office visitors.

The meeting rooms are designed in monochrome tones. There are shelves for displaying the company's products, distinguished by elaborate designs. Near the panoramic windows, there are sofas for relaxation. Modular furniture is employed by designers to adapt to different teams and various work needs. Glass partitions, equipped with screens, provide privacy when needed. One of the meeting rooms is dedicated to the brand "Prosto Nashe" and is designed in its style. Here, an intriguing artistic installation features an abstract drawing of cows on the wall and epoxy resin volumes containing plants from the "Just Ours" brand book.

The leitmotif of the open space features columns with prints from the company's brand book: links of one chain symbolizing unity and collaboration. The hot desks and sofa resemble an island, an oasis, at the center of which a lush plant composition thrives. The island is illuminated by accent lighting and stands out with smooth curved forms. Nearby, there is a zone with hybrid furniture for adaptation to different teams. Built-in solutions for storage and compartments for waste sorting are available in the open space.

The kitchen at Danone is minimalist and stylish. It was necessary to retain elements from the previous space and incorporate them into the new design, which the designers successfully accomplished. Neon decorative elements in the form of milk products became cute and fitting accents in the restrained dining area. Danone office showcases the uniqueness of the brand and underscores the company's values, while also fostering a comfortable and productive work environment for employees.

By Liliana Alvarez

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