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Escapade Silverstone by Twelve Architects

Project name:
Escapade Silverstone
Architecture firm:
Twelve Architects
Silverstone, Towcester, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Principal architect:
Matt Cartwright
Design team:
Cube Design
Built area:
Site area:
14 acres
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Bergman Interiors
Tower Eight
Civil engineer:
Whitby Wood
Structural engineer:
Whitby Wood
Environmental & MEP:
Applied Energy
Illman Young
Applied Energy
Tower Eight
Tools used:
Escapade Living
Under construction
Residential › Hospitality

Escapade Living started out with a simple but bold idea, to design the ultimate experience for motorsport enthusiasts. This includes close-up viewing of the world’s best racing and direct personal usage of one of the most iconic circuits. 

The accommodation will be strikingly modern yet comfortable, suitable for sharing with friends and family. There will also be a performance-led wellness offering including a trackside pool, all delivered within a welcoming environment - we believe true luxury comes with a minimalist, relaxed atmosphere. 

The creation is Escapade Silverstone, a space which seamlessly merges hospitality and motorsport in an original and distinct way, right on the edge of Silverstone’s iconic track.

Escapade Silverstone includes 60 individual residences, a clubhouse and car storage. From Summer 2022, it will be open for guests to come and stay, benefiting from both high-octane experiences and the comforts of top-level hospitality.

Escapade Living will offer a selection of residences for purchase. This will enable buyers to call a piece of Silverstone their own, have unique motorsport access and to earn a share of its investment returns.

racing car in the street

modern house surrounded by nature

Escapade Silverstone by Twelve Architects

cozy living room with nature view

restaurant table and chairs

master bedoom interior

residential complex in UK


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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