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Mixed-Use Complex signed by aflalo/gasperini arquitetos combines the concept of "home, hotel & health" in the heart of São Paulo

Project name:
Core Pinheiros
Architecture firm:
aflalo/gasperini arquitetos
Pinheiros - São Paulo, SP
Daniel Ducci
Principal architect:
Roberto Aflalo Filho, Luiz Felipe Aflalo Herman, Grazzieli Gomes Rocha, José Luiz Lemos
Design team:
Daniela Mungai, Reginaldo Okusako, Bruno Vargas, Bruna Florêncio, Juliano Beato, Carlos Arthur, Roberto Dionízio, Luciana Walder
Built area:
3,830 m²
Site area:
37,051 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
07 / 2023
Interior design:
Coordinator: Carlos Alberto Garcia; Trainees: Pedro Herman, Mariana Dec; Designs for Publication: aflalo/gasperini architects; Developer: You Inc; Builder: Toledo Ferrari; Structure: Ávila Engenharia; Foundation: Portella Alarcon; Air Conditioning: Thermoplan Thermal Engineering; Elevator consultancy: Marco Borba; Firefighting: Feurtec; Metal structure: Beltec; Drainage: Multigeo; Waterproofing: Proassp; Accessibility: ME Lopes Arquitetura; Solar Heating: Chaguri; Performance Standard Consulting: The Eng.; Acoustic: Akkerman and The Eng.; Automation: Bosco Associados; Industrial Kitchen: Lima Sales; Structure ATP: AltoQI; Pool and Water Mirror: Comarx; Thermal/Light Comfort Consultancy: Benite e The Eng.; Anchoring / Façade Cleaning: PB Solutions Interior Architecture: Room 2; Seals: Inpro; Prepared by: Flávia Marcondes
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Electrical/Hydraulic Consultancy: Ditec Engineering and Consultancy; Electrical/Hydraulic Installations: Rewald
Cardim Arquitetura Paisagística
3D architects: Gabriel Bollini Braga, Felipe Sato
Tools used:
Residential Building

Core Pinheiros, remarkable for more than its architecture, but its multifunctionality, incentives residential and commercial uses, with hotel and offices in the same complex.

There’s something new in Pinheiros, neighborhood in Sao Paulo: Core Pinheiros has just been finalized, a mixed-use complex on the corner of Arthur de Azevedo and Cristiano Viana streets. Developed by You Incorporadora and Paladin Realty, in partnership with Toledo Ferrari, the complex was designed by firm aflalo/gasperini arquitetos and includes residential units, medical offices and a diagnostic center of the Albert Einstein network, as well as a Radisson hotel. The privileged location, close to the Oscar Freire metro station, is one of the regions with greatest growth and increasing value in the city, with various dining, cultural and service options.

The development has two towers, one with 280 residential units, from one to three bedrooms; and another for doctors’ offices and the hotel, on a 4 thousand square meter plot. The Radisson Hotel, managed by Atlantica Hotels, has 152 apartments with an average area of 25 sq. m. The architectural design seeks to harmonize the urban dynamics with residential quietude by integrating different uses and ensuring a continuous flow of people at all hours.

“While it preserves individuality, the complex has accesses on three streets; each use comes through a different street, so the entrances are exclusive,” points Grazzieli Gomes Rocha, partner at aflalo/gasperini arquitetos.

The complex’ architecture stands out with its diverse composition. On the commercial tower, the emphasis is its simple volumetry, where the materiality of white glass for the medical offices and vertical concrete elements on the hotel façade create dynamic lines and a unique identity. On the residential building, the warmer color scheme brings a sense of home, of comfort, with shades of terracotta and striking horizontal details that act as flaps at each level.

“The design embraces the city with two distinct volumes, an impressive 22-story residential building located on a quiet street; and the commercial sector integrated to the hotel, taking the busy corner of Arthur de Azevedo and Cristiano Viana streets, forming a harmonious 11-story complex,” adds Felipe Aflalo Herman, partner at firm aflalo/gasperini arquitetos.

The development also includes common and operational areas, entry lobby, terrace, garden, fitness area and a restaurant, with landscaping signed by Cardim Arquitetura Paisagística.

About Aflalo/Gasperini Arquitetos

Founded in 1962, aflalo/gasperini arquitetos combines longevity and innovation in the development of architecture solutions, creating architecture that communicates with the city and the people, prioritizing works that include the three pillars - environment, people's quality of life, and mobility. In 60 years, the firm has become renowned as one of the greatest in Brazil, having signed architecture landmarks such as IBM’s headquarters, the Rochaverá Complex and the Federal Court of Accounts building in São Paulo

(SP), Theater Claudio Santoro in Campos do Jordao (SP), Hotel Fasano Itaim and residential Habitarte. aflalo/gasperini develops projects for multiple uses, including commercial, residential, mixed-use, hotel, educational and industrial, resulting from extensive research of materials and a complete analysis of the urbanistic plan. From conception to design to the choice of materials to construction, the firm has more than 35 LEED-certified projects (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), one of the strictest environmental certifications in the world.

By Liliana Alvarez

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