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JINDESIGN: Yuesheng·Yanyuan - A Multidimensional Interconnected Energy Field

Project name:
Yuesheng·Yanyuan Brand Experience Center
Architecture firm:
Xingtai, China
Zheng Yan. Videography: Li Yingjie, Hanmer
Principal architect:
Cui Yue
Design team:
Chu Hongji, Xu Yingjie, Yang Tong, Liu Yanshuang, Zhang Chongjie
Built area:
2000 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
July 2022
Interior design:
Soft Furnishing Design: Yang Yang, Zhu Jiaying, Yang Wenlei. Copywriting and Planning: NARJEELING. Project Planning: Le Brand Strategy Agency
Tools used:
Yuesheng Group
Commercial › Showroom, Exhibition Center

In 2022, a thriving cluster emerged in Xingtai, led by Huawei's Big Data Industrial Park and Yuesheng·Yanyuan, representing the region's industrial prowess. Adjacent to the Xingtai East Station, a pivotal junction in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei corridor, these entities rapidly interconnect information, human capital, and resources, weaving a robust spatial industrial network.

Multidimensional Interconnection

Creating an Industrial Ecosystem Nexus

In July 2022, after months of dedicated work, JINDESIGN completed Yuesheng·Yanyuan, a vertical integrated domain at its core. Serving as the prime interface of the new district, it congregates advanced and high-quality industrial resources, including Xingtai New District's digital industry, an incubation hub for the internet economy, and residential support services. Yuesheng·Yanyuan, nestled around an artificial lake, leverages the vistas from Xingtai East Station and the new district, offering a vibrant, intelligent, and multidimensionally interconnected super-space supply station. From a city living room where afternoon coffee is served to connecting the emerging residential landscape of Xingtai New District with the industrial ecosystem, Yuesheng·Yanyuan, with its warmth, flexibility, sustainability, and strong connectivity, is shaping itself as the spatial emblem of future integration of industry and living.

Domain Concept

Open, Interconnected, Borderless

In the era where high-quality development reigns as the real estate core trend, Yuesheng·Yanyuan intimately connects the city, industry, and people like an island at an intercity hub, adjacent to the new district and enveloped by an artificial lake. With a blend of digital industry, emerging residential landscapes, and nature, it signifies an inevitable resurgence of life, thriving with unprecedented vitality. Its non-linear architectural forms dictate unconventional internal spaces. Through vertical circulation interconnects, designers have crafted an internally cohesive, freely flowing three-dimensional interactive arena where functions seamlessly intertwine.

Apart from white structural columns, functional zones are defined by flexible low walls and facades, accentuating the rich diversity and openness of use through spatial dynamics brought by deformation. Xingtai East High-Speed Railway Station, as a key transport hub in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, confers multiple geographical significances to Yuesheng·Yanyuan. This multifunctional complex emanating from the integrated domain serves as a base for local residential living and industrial development. Resource linkages, information exchanges, cross-industry encounters, and government-enterprise collaborations flourish here. Yanyuan not only serves new district enterprises, experts, and entrepreneurs but also synergistically engages with the government and investors to drive industrial development.

Functional Connectivity

Free-flowing Rhythms in an Interactive Arena

Centered around a circular project exhibition area, the first floor seamlessly connects the entire leisure and negotiation space, including LALUNA, the proprietary coffee brand of the Yuesheng Group. Outdoor corridors merge the lake view with the interior, shielding the urban clamor and anxieties. Whether it's sales negotiations or daily relaxation, Yanyuan offers a moment to savor a cup of coffee. The single-story open plan consists of independent units providing various functions like coffee, negotiation, meetings, reading, and salons. These units are interconnected rhythmically, forming an interactive complete domain.

Through flexible reconfiguration, each unit adapts to future functional requirements, making it a design for repeated use. The second floor extends the layout while creating more semi-private and private areas to meet deeper negotiation needs, adding clarity to its minimalist business attributes. The shared library is situated between private study rooms and a public library, creating a relaxed and organized transition between space functions. Outdoor terraces and the interior are seamlessly connected, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor, creating a dynamic, fluid, and enriching spatial experience.

Design Value

The Call of the Digital City

The living room within a residence is private and intimate, while the city living room outside is a hub for gathering and exchange. Furthermore, Yuesheng·Yanyuan, a fusion of the future city and the digital industry, ignites interconnections between the city, industry, people, and information in a multidimensional domain. With its precisely tuned open and free concept, the space offers reusable commercial value to its operators, embodying the potential brought by the landing of an internet-famous incubation hub that the Yuesheng Group is actively cultivating.

Multidimensional domains infuse vitality into the city, and the groundbreaking construction method envisions a future urban and community ecosystem based on inclusivity, co-creation, and coexistence. The digital city is summoning more spaces like this one: spaces with warmth, resilience, deep engagement in urban life, the greatest inclusivity and sustainability, and efficient interconnectivity, akin to a smart living system—a shared vision of the property owners and designers at Yanyuan.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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