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On the Hembrug terrain in Zaandam, an area of 42,5 hectares, a monumental industrial site has been transformed by Studio Modijefsky into the home and studio of an artist couple. The studio has joined forces with the client’s atelier, Studio Molen, for the design and realization of bronze details and custom light elements; this collaboration resulte...
Project name
Interior design
Studio Modijefsky
Zaandam, The Netherlands
Maarten Willemstein
Robbert de Goede has designed a new home in a former gymnasium in old city center Amsterdam, Netherlands. Imagine the possiblity to build a new home in a former gymnasium. A space everyone knows and many architects have fantasized about. First we brought in a flood of daylight with 10 skylights and a huge facade. The trusses were a gift from the bu...
Project name
The Gymnasium
Architecture firm
Robbert de Goede
Old city center Amsterdam, Netherlands
Marcel van der Burg
The Rotterdam based architectural office Orange Architects has designed "Floating gardens" All-in-one school and 190 apartments, that located in Sloterdijk Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Project description by the architects: Commissioned by Synchroon, Orange Architects has designed an all-in...