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Stone Savelovskaya Office Center, Moscow: Public spaces for high-end office specialists by Basis architectural bureau

Project name:
Public space for high-end office specialists
Architecture firm:
Basis architectural bureau
Moscow, Russia
Tools used:
ArchiCAD, SketchUp
Principal architect:
Ivan Okhapkin
Design team:
Ivan Okhapkin, Ivan Sakara, Tatiana Kozlova, Alexandra Terentieva, Nikita Chikin, Elizaveta Nadezhina, Evgeniy Rusakov, Valeriya Streletskaya
Built area:
2 Ha
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Basis architectural bureau
Concept - Design
Public Space › Landscape, public space in office center, IT-cluster

Basis architectural bureau: We created a comfort and inspiring environment for the hi-end intellectual office workers. All the best innovative companies are competing for the best minds and professionals, what has led to a reorganization of offices and headquarters. Properly organized public spaces give employees the opportunity to work in a healthy environment, becoming a weighty argument for tenants. Openness, identity and comfort are the new requirements for a modern type of public spaces.

For this office complex, we used ground level and the roof of a stylobate to create two types of environment: an open public square and infrastructure for residents only. In a small area of the city center, we placed cafes and recreation areas, comfortable outdoor workplaces and workout zones. The territory is divided to the zones with different noise levels and each person can find a comfortable environment for himself. Modern art forms and natural landscape with water elements will inspire creators to search for new solutions.

The visual idea of the project is built around (fluctuation | from lat. fluctuatio | - an irregular rising and falling in number or amount, displacement or change of a given structure). This can be seen on the paving grid with breaking islands of greenery.

About a fluctuatia-concept: The structure of an office is built on a regular, orderly system. It represents a network of wires and a matrix of digital space. The rectangular grid is a visual representation of the digital and office environment. It’s an expression of any ordered structure. In the modern world, companies are trying to attract valuable employees with comfortable environment. The criterion of comfort becomes no less important than the efficiency of the office. As part of the concept for the business center, the fluctuation method was used

The concept of a new type of workspace is created on the principle of an ecosystem which is focused on human comfort. A friendly environment refers to the pristine nature that is embedded in a regular grid and tears it, thereby creating a healthy ecosystem for office workers.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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