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Jihuayuan Crystal Valley · Train of Shadows, Xianning, China by OPS

Project name:
Jihuayuan Crystal Valley
Interior design:
Xianning, China
Lingjian Sheng
Principal designer:
Design team:
Jibing Liu, Guangwen Liao, Manling Chen, Zhiqiang Wang
Built area:
2,160 ㎡
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
January 2023
Architecture firm:
Tools used:
Wuhan Jihuanyuan Investment and Construction Co., Ltd.
Interior Design

OPS: Since the birth of architecture, humans have had containers to capture light. The brilliance of light makes the world pure, while its shadows flow in the pure space, with varying depths, twists and turns, and even swaying ripples or waves that trap the observer's mind. Such shadows give space a multidimensional overlay, creating worlds beyond the world, and imbuing buildings with dramatic character and conflicting tension.

The Land of Streamers

The ancient Chinese appreciated the aesthetics of light and shadows, as seen in their use of the term "floating light" to describe reflections on surfaces. This project takes inspiration from "floating light" to explore the fascinating relationship between time, space, and perception.

Light and shadows dance and refract on mirrored surfaces, creating a shimmering effect indoors that resembles the ripples on a lake, evoking the poetic imagery of "when the weather is good, the sunset boats return" in the viewers' minds.

The Land of Crystallization

Through the artistic use of light, structure, and curves, this project blurs the boundaries between nature and the urban landscape, interweaving the built environment, human culture, and natural world. As people coexist with the city and harmonize with nature, they can freely traverse space, perceiving the silent rhythms of light and shadow aesthetics.

The centerpiece of the sales center is an open design with skylights, which illuminates the sand table area like a spotlight, while a suspended art installation breaks the light into shards that twinkle like stars, illuminating the space with a dynamic and evocative ambiance.

The Land of Floating Light

Less is more. The simple line structure arranges rich spatial layers. In the overlapping flow of light and shadow, the artistic dream is dense.

The upward spiraling staircase, with its free-flowing curves, breaks the smooth plane and conveys the tension of the structure. The graceful arc and the agile light create a sensuous and elegant flow in space, where every step conveys a new sense of surprise and wonder.

The Land of heart light

"When snow falls everywhere, let us whisper softly, for fear of awakening this slumbering world, like the murmurs of snow."

This space is filled with warmth, where every detail embodies the timeless beauty of classic aesthetics. The negotiation area features warm and pure white tones, creating a space for dialogue and artistic expression.

The Land of Floating Life

As you step into the sunken lounge area, the whole space is enveloped in a warm and soothing white color. Gathered around the fireplace, guests can relax and enjoy the comforts of a cozy atmosphere. The translucent curtains, which can be raised or lowered, add a touch of poetic ambiguity to the space.

The large windows showcase the outside lake view, while the patterns reflected on the ceiling complement the scenery with a dynamic and vibrant touch.


Ye Huajin (left), Pan Xiang (middle), Lin Suting (right)

Co-founders of OPS

OPS is a creative and dynamic design practice. Over the past 8 years since establishment, we have completed a wide range of projects including hotels, clubs, property sales centers, show flats, offices, residences and more mainly in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. OPS has a global vision and provides one-stop services. We're dedicated to delivering optimized solutions for clients who pursue quality space and design. While bearing in mind the clients' commercial benefits and business development, we constantly seek design innovation to bring harmonious and comfortable design experiences.

By Liliana Alvarez

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