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INSIDE OF é é é, Shaoxing City, China by Greater Dog Architects

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Greater Dog Architects
No.2689, Qiantao Road, Shaoxing city, Zhejiang, China
Qingwei Meng,Yilun Xie, Rachel WU
Principal architect:
Jin XIN , Red HU
Design team:
Keith Guo, Abigale Gu, Zoe Zhang, Manyan He, Wendy Wang
Interior design:
Greater Dog Architects
Built area:
18,342 m²
Site area:
1,720 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Greater Dog Architects
Resen Lighting, Taiwan
Tools used:
Revit, SketchUp, Enscape, Lumion, AutoCAD
Hangzhou Shenming Construction
White gradient glass, copper-colored metal,gradient wallpaper,stainless mental, GRG, Acrylic pipe,. etc…
400 dollar per Square meter
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INSIDE OF é é é  Symbiosis of flagship factory and retail designed by Greater Dog Architects.

Inside of é é é is a place where gathering consumers, R&D teams, designers, technicians, and machine operators. Different roles are appearing inside because of various spatial function needs of BSH bedding brand. While the relationship between them changes here, the relationship between the factory and the headquarters building is also changing quietly.

The main building called BSH headquarters project designed by Greater Dog Architects is a comprehensive functional building integrating retail space, office, restaurant, R&D and production, and tourism factory. It exists in the way of an open public building, as compared to a closed factory or office building.

Tourism factory and retail space are two completely different spatial design types, and there is a certain different requirements from them. How to meet the functional requirements of two spaces and establish a close connection of circulation: such as the connection between factories and sightseeing routes; the connection between sightseeing and retail spaces; and the sharing space to connect retail and office lobby. These are one of the challenges faced by Greater Dog Architects design team.


The tourist factory satisfies the curiosity of visitors while possessing production effectiveness. A main function of tourist factory is placed in the production space, and the designer built a factory with "front of the stage" and "behind the scenes” language. Therefore, the designer set up a sightseeing channel for visitors at the southwest entrance of the building, and creating a readable exhibition hall inside of factory on the first and second floors.

The sightseeing channel follows the softness of the "Down" in the building. The bright and clean space gives visitor the feeling of stepping into a laboratory with a sense of interest. The round pipe structure was found from the Filling Machine, so the designer apply the translucent pipe in the way of display. Meanwhile, it is also used in the division of two spaces and display systems of various types of “down". Moreover, the stair hall and display space are formed through the combination of enlarged pipes to realize the diversity of pipe elements which originally from machines.

The translucent green acrylic pipe leads to the space on the second floor. the professional process is displayed through the explanation of the three-dimensional model on wall. Adjacent to the side of the factory, the production process hidden in the "behind the scenes" is transferred to the “front of the stage”. The designer open the factory area by transparent glasses, so that a process of each machine is able to see.It directly shows industrial environment and the functionality of each. And they are clearly marked through signage board.

A display platform with a sense of flow runs through the entire space, and acrylic cans are filled with different kinds of down.Visitors can experience it through multi-sensory experience methods such as "touching", "smelling" and "seeing". The designer orderly displays the disassembled machine components in corridor where makes people walk through. The exquisite of industrial technology to present the connection between components and performance, production and technology. The specimen of the goose is placed in a scene of transparent display box, and the dynamic luminescent acrylic lightly and vividly simulates the habitat of the goose.


Factory as the furthest production process from consumers, in contrast, retail has brought brands closer to consumers. The BSH brand has established the bridge between "furthest" and "nearest", integrating social retail space and immersive sightseeing experience. To present the actual production process to consumers, integrates manufacturing and knowledge, as well as activates the vitality of the factory. Meanwhile, the seamless connection opens the publicity of the factory and customer flow of the retail space.

The white gradient glass continues the main feature of building. Another staircase leading from the tourism factory to retail, it brings different circulation of the upper and lower floors through the multi-directional staircase. A rotatable capsule display box is placed in the centre of retail area, with gradient transparent glass vision to dynamically display collection-level products.

The suspended round cabinet together with the scene of bedding, forms a three- dimensional display system for the series of bedding products, which brings a change of display rhythm to space. The combination of the acrylic box filled with goose down and the copper-colored metal display shelf adds texture to the display props system while continuing its product identity.


Looking from the retail area to the center of the first floor is office lobby area. 
The designer breaks the floor slab between the upper retail area and the lower floor, to create an arc-shaped high space, fully extends the height proportion of lobby, and presents more tension in the entrance space.

The shape of the reception desk is integrated into the whole elevation, weakening its sense of block and making the lobby more integrated. The capsule-shaped glass inserted in the wall is is transparent and suspended. With the help of specimens to add childlike interest to the space, and it has also become the memory of the brand IP.

Experiential space has become the mainstream of commercial field. Therefore, the emerging flagship factory has also become a place to tell the higher production technology method of brand to public. As a result, factories are becoming as important a representation of brand values as office or retail spaces. While it solves the productivity, it brings more experiences to consumers potentially.

By Liliana Alvarez

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