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Modern A-Frame Cabin in Lake Tahoe, California by Yana Prydalna

Project name:
Quiet Space House
Architecture firm:
Yana Prydalna
Lake Tahoe, California, USA
Tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
Yana Prydalna
Design team:
Yana Prydalna
Built area:
896 ft²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Yana Prydalna
Development of the concept of interior design
Residential › Private House

Yana Prydalna: The house planned to be built in the middle of the forest in Lake Tahoe, California. The concept is created for a weekend vacation in the woods for two people.

Task: the maximum amount of wood creating a feeling of nature inside the cabin. Enjoy the starry sky on a small porch on California summer evenings.

modern A-frame cabin image © Yana Prydalna

cozy living room with suspended fireplace image © Yana Prydalna

cabin house with wooden sofa and table image © Yana Prydalna

comfortable sofa image © Yana Prydalna

suspended fireplace in living room image © Yana Prydalna

wooden coffee table image © Yana Prydalna

A-Frame cabin design image © Yana Prydalna

kitchen design image © Yana Prydalna

wooden bar stool image © Yana Prydalna

bookshelf and old light lanterns image © Yana Prydalna

cabin bedroom with forest view

image © Yana Prydalna

circular mirror in bathroom image © Yana Prydalna

wabi sabi bathtub image © Yana Prydalna

wabi sari washing basin image © Yana Prydalna

forest cabin in California image © Yana Prydalna

forest vacation home image © Yana Prydalna

wooden cabin house in middle of forest image © Yana Prydalna

cabin floor plan

Floor Plan

Connect with the Yana Prydalna

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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Wayne Zerbo -
‘Cause it looks like a Christmas tree right?
Katrina -
I am writing a story about Santa. May I use this design for his house? I will give you credit for design and put your information in the bibliography. This is so old world with modern amenities.
Wayne Zerbo -
‘Cause it looks like a Christmas 🎄

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