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Taghaan Villa, Shirud, Iran by mrk office / Mohammad Reza Kohzadi

Project name:
Taghaan Villa
Architecture firm:
mrk office
Shirood, Mazandaran, Iran
Tools used:
SketchUp, Corona Renderer, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop
Principal architect:
Mohammad Reza Kohzadi
Design team:
Parinaz Bahadori, Maryam Shojaei, Niayesh Akbari, Armin Saraei, Rahim Vardan, Ghazal Aliyan, Maede Izak Mehri
Built area:
939 m²
Site area:
1569.08 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design: Maryam Shojaei
Armin Saraei
In Progress
Residential › House

mrk office: The architecture of this villa is a beautiful testament to the poetic presence of the Iranian arch, harmoniously blending with its natural surroundings. The design embraces semi-circular arches, which not only lend elegance and grace to the structure but also serve as windows framing captivating vistas. Each semi-circular arch is strategically placed to capture breathtaking views of the city, forest, and mountains. As you step into the villa, you are greeted by a captivating panorama that unfolds through these thoughtfully positioned arches.

The cityscape stretches out before you, twinkling with lights, while the dense forest and majestic mountains stand as guardians of tranquility and beauty. The arches, with their gentle curves, create an exquisite fusion of aesthetics and functionality. They allow ample natural light to flood the interior, casting soft rays that dance on the walls and floors. At different times of the day, the changing sunlight paints an ever-evolving masterpiece, enhancing the ambiance and connecting the indoors with the grandeur of the outdoors.

The villa's design evokes a sense of harmony and serenity, as if it has emerged from the mountains themselves. The arches, reminiscent of traditional Iranian architecture, pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of the region. They seamlessly integrate with the landscape, as if nature and man-made structures have become one. As you explore the villa, you'll find that the interior spaces are designed to complement the exterior beauty. The arches create a rhythm and flow throughout, guiding your gaze towards the ever-present connection with nature.

By Liliana Alvarez

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